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Hollin is a small village on the banks of the Sirannon River, about ten miles from the original Hollin gate. It is surrounded by a primitive palisade and features a tavern, smithy, provisioner, and temple. The Sheriff, Ohtar the Enforcer, maintains order within the palisade and among the scattered tents and huts outside its gates while the local business owners try to keep their little village prosperous and profitable.


Getting to Hollin is not particularly difficult. The Sirannon is large enough for boat traffic, and an old road runs along its banks, lasting tribute to the craftsmanship of the Noldor. Men have come to Eregion, and a new city is rising upon the ruins of Tharbad along the banks of the Greyflood.


The following accommodations are available in and around Hollin (all prices per person):


Food is readily available in Hollin, ranging from street food to fine meals at Durin's Rest. Eating standard fare (street food) will cost 5 SP / day. A fine meal at Durin's Rest costs 1 GP.


Hollin's long term population is a mix of races. Men, mostly from Rohan or Gondor, and Dwarves, drawn by the siren's call of Moria, make up most of the population. Elves and Hobbits are present as well, though in smaller, more transient numbers. The various races live more or less in peace, though each tends to stick with their own kind.


Hollin is far enough from Moria itself that it is somewhat safe. There are still occasional night raids by goblins or warg-riders, but they generally avoid Hollin proper and focus on outlying houses or farms. Sheriff Ohtar and his squad of Deputies maintain order in town, but brawls, disagreements and outright fights are all too common. Inevitable, perhaps, when so many adventurous sorts gather in one place.


Hollin would not exist if it weren't for the constant draw of Moria. It is very much a gold-rush town. The primary businesses in town are:

A few less adventurous sorts have taken up fishing, farming and hunting around Hollin. A handful of woodsmen harvest timber and make charcoal in the nearby forest. There are a handful of farms, a few huts along the river, and some scattered cabins in the woods. Most of their products are sold via direct contracts to one of the businesses above, or sold directly in the Market.


Land within Hollin's palisade is surveyed and lots marked. The "Hollin Business Coalition" auctions 999 year lot leases on a monthly basis, with proceeds funding the maintenance and improvement of the palisade, salaries for law enforcement, and the town clerk. Many of the surveyed lots in Hollin have been leased.

Land immediately outside Hollin (within 3 miles) has also been surveyed, and acreage can be leased from the clerk's office on 999 year leases. Much of the acreage within this area has been leased.

Land outside the 3 mile limit is up for grabs. A number of farms and woodcutter homesteads have sprung up in the outlying area, but there's plenty of land available there.

Recent Prices

Town Lots - Any lot within the palisade. Recent auction prices have ranged from 500 GP for the house lots near the unsurveyed sections, to 1000 GP for the bank's site, which is an oversized lot. These lots average 100' x 80'.

Outer Lots - Any lot outside the palisade, but within 3 miles of Hollin proper. These lots are much larger, two to four acres each. There are very few of these lots available via auction as most have already been leased. Those that do come up usually go for 3000 GP or more.

Building Costs - A typical two story house: 650 GP

Lease Terms

The Businesses

General Store

The sign on the door reads:

	Farin's Provisions
	   Iron Rations
	   Rugged Garb
	Practical Hardware
      Used Armor and Weapons
   Farin Stouthammer - Proprietor

The store faces the Common, opposite one wing of the The Dancing Dwarf. The building is a one-story stone structure of Dwarf construction. Humans and Elves find the low ceilings a bit cramped. The front of the store features several rows of broad shelves and racks holding the various goods available for sale. A long counter stretches across the back of the store, with small or valuable items arrayed behind it. A single door leads to a back room behind the counter, presumably into Farin's quarters. The store is run by:

Sheriff's Office

A former soldier of Gondor, Ohtar tried his hand at adventuring and found it not to his taste. Instead he serves as the Sheriff of Hollin. He and his deputies maintain order within the village and outside the gates in the tent and hut town that's sprung up there.

The Sheriff's Office is a solidly built structure, half wood (the office), half stone (the cells). The office is a single large room with a fireplace, table and chairs. The cells contain a single large drunk tank and two smaller cells.

The Dancing Dwarf

The sprawling tavern takes up two sides of the Common, a patch of torn and muddy ground in the center of Hollin. Tavern is a misnomer, as the place is a combination of cheap hotel, brothel, casino, bar and restaurant. Most adventurers find their way here when they arrive.

The Dwarf has a variety of rooms available, including ground floor Hobbit-style chambers and underground vaults for Dwarves. Most rooms are shared accommodations, two to ten people, though a very few private rooms are available.

The owner of the Dwarf is a Northman named Harry O'Bree, who comes across as a friendly, if prickly sort. Other staff at the Dwarf includes:

Durin's Rest

The Dwarf does the lion's share of entertainment and hotel business in town, but Durin's Rest corners the market on better quality accommodations. This small hotel is situated next to the General Store. It is a compact two-story wooden structure with a broad front porch and balcony. It only boasts eight suites, each providing a fine feather bed and a small sitting room. The rooms are arranged in pairs, with adjoining doors between them so larger parties can be accommodated.

The lower floor of Durin's Rest is divided into a luxurious lobby (often used for quiet meetings or a game of cards) and a dining area which serves complementary breakfast and dinner to all guests, others by reservation only.

The hotel is operated by a Gondor Man named Hallas and his wife Ivoreth. It also employs:

Mithril's End

The smithy is a bustling barn-like building near the entrance gate to Hollin. The forge takes up the front quarter of the structure. The rest of the building hides a large store room and the smithy's quarters.

Unsurprisingly the smithy is a Dwarf. He goes by the name of Lóni, but rumor has it that's an assumed name. He is a Western Dwarf, and little else is known about his background.

Gamling's Mounts

The stable stands opposite Mithril's End near the entrance gate. Young Gamling makes his living not only by stabling beasts, but by making tack and harness as well. Most days finds him sitting on the stable yard fence working on some piece of leather or other. Gamling is a Man of Rohan. He lives in a tiny house behind the stable with his wife Morwyn (of Gondor), and their three sons, who work as stable hands (Egalmoth, Duilin, and Gamling the Younger).

Garden of the Valar

Located in the quietest corner of the village this hedged garden features small shrines dedicated to each of the Valar. The garden is attended by an unlikely pair of clerics.

The pair constantly bicker and argue, but only outside the Garden. Within it's confines it is clear they share a common reverence for the Valar.

The Market

A bazaar held outside the palisade three days a week. The Market is often no more than a few farmers or hunters selling their goods to anyone that will buy them, but occasionally there are other vendors present. Wandering tinkers and traders put in an occasional appearance, particularly if there rumors of newly acquired wealth.

The Common

The open central square of the village, barely deserves the name Common. It is generally a mess, muddy or dusty, depending on the weather. The main feature of the Common is the stocks, which the Sheriff is not afraid of using.

Town Clerk

Garvin the clerk is a young, slender man, a bit out of his element in Hollin. He was originally appointed to carry out a survey of the region and was escorted by a half-dozen Men of Gondor. The local merchants convinced him to stay on as the town clerk, recording deeds and tracking the lots within the town.