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Barr, Armand

Lieutenant in the Tanari Navy. Bio-science specialist. Probably has genetic / cybernetic enhancements. Did preliminary review of the mine sample brought to the Devil Talon meeting on Darling.

Bowie, Angela

Intelligence analyst for the Imperial Navy of the Seven Suns. Last seen by the group at Matari Prime in a cryo-capsule. The group suspects her advanced cybernetics were infiltrated by the Diversion virus attack. Associate of Micheal Hansen.

Calhoun, Ken

A captain in the Sand Navy. Part of the Devil Talon team.

Church, Jason

Son of Lee Church, now in the Matari Prime Navy.

Church, Mike

Son of Lee Church, now working for MIC.

Deal, Sarah

Vice Admiral in the Victoriana Navy. In charge of the Devil Talon team.

Gore, Daryl

Political officer with the Sand embassy on Darling. Suspicious of the group's story concerning incidents near Las Casas / Valdez.

Hansen, Micheal

A captain in the Imperial Navy of the Seven Suns. Naval Intelligence? Associate of Angela Bowie. Last seen on New Paris.

Lawson, Riley

A detective with the Darling civilian police. Investigating the cyber-attacks against CSI on T114/T115

Patel, Darius

A Blue Waters political official with ties to military production and arms sales.

Reyes, Juno

The captain of the Cool Blue, rescued by the group after his ship was destroyed by an autonomous mine in Las Casas.

Rojaz, Erin

Agent receiving goods from the group at Valdez in Lye. Ship's captain? Agent? Mercenary? Last seen aboard the Freewind at Valdez.

Rush, Forrest

An associate of Erin Rojaz with medical skills.

Sharpe, Richard

A sergeant with Darling port authority security. Investigating the cyber-attack on the Angel, T108/T115.