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Seven Suns Coalition

The Seven Suns Coalition is a group of Independent worlds bound together with economic and defensive treaties. Each system retains individual control of their own planets and resources, but participates in joint military organizations. The primary systems of the Coalition are:

The primary military organizations operated under joint command are:

United Systems Council

A political organization of the Core Systems, the USC serves as a forum for dispute resolution among Core member systems. It also controls and regulates the United Systems Fleet and United Systems Expeditionary Force, military organizations providing border and internal security.

The USC tasks include:

The USC is representative, with two organizing bodies. The General Assembly is the main representational body, with three representatives from each System, one senior Speaker and two junior Advisers. Assembly members are appointed by their own local governments (in a variety of ways) and serve at the will of their home system.

The Senior Council contains five elected representatives chosen from the Speakers of General Assembly and elected by the entire membership, with each Speaker counting three votes and each Adviser counting one. The Senior Council has full veto authority over the resolutions of the General Assembly, and though it is an elected body, the systems represented are almost constant.