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Official Summary Report - Distant Vision

Friday June 11, 1999

Location: The Gower Cabin - Bear Mountain

Mission Statement

Exploration and reconnaissance of newly uncoverd ruins in the Burning, approximately 30 days travel to the north. With primary goals being:


On Veka in Tunlot, Shokas in Sholis, in the Year of the Empire 1347, commissions were issued for the following people to carry out Distant Vision:

All were given temporary commissions in the Imperial Legion, and Fasheen Fa'ladn was given nominal command of the group.

Report of Findings

In summary there appears to be a significant threat to the safety of both Post 19 and the nearby trade route. Distant Vision members encountered significant numbers of Sandlings and Orcs operating from an underground complex beneath the ruins they discovered. Leaders of significant combat and magical ability were encountered, as were a variety of undead creatures, trolls, and other hostile beings. Attached is the report prepared by Fasheen Fa'ladn, which contains significant detail on all encounters.


We feel this problem must be dealt with immediately. It offers significant threat to the already dangerous trade route between The Great Empire and The Compact. The following course of action is recommended:

  1. Captain Wicara Nonala be dispatched with two full companies of heavy troops to eliminate the threat and resecure Post 19.
  2. A group of specialists accompany the troops to provide magical aid and additional support.
  3. An engineering team accompany the troops to evaluate whether the ruins can be used as potential military base of operations or be sealed so they cannot be a further source of problems.

We urge these actions be carried out as soon as possible.

Signed this day,

Rodia Malesta

Rodia Malesta, High Marshall of Ume

Wicara Nonala

Captain Wicara Nonala, Imperial Legion

Report of Distant Vision

Prepared by Fasheen Fa'ladn

Initial Group Composition

Sholis 14 - City of Ume

Our group met with captain Wicara Nonala at dusk in the Inner Gate Tower, where we were tasked with exploration of of a newly exposed ruin near Post 19, an Imperial way station. Specifically we were tasked with:

  1. Insuring the security of Post 19.
  2. Sweeping the surrounding territory and investigating unusual activities.
  3. Investigate and explore exposed ruins.
  4. Secure items of military or archeological significance.
  5. Investigate and evaluate any military threat discovered.
  6. Return and report findings to Captian Wicara Nonala.

The party agreed to the conditions of the task and were issued temporary commissions in the Imperial Legion.

Sholis 15 - City of Ume

The party spent most of the day arranging supplies and tying up loose ends in town with the intent of departing in the evening. Three items of note:

  1. Fasheen was contacted by Chwant Degant of House Degant who indicated that House Degant would purchase any naar seed recovered by Fasheen and the group.
  2. Zipilan heard rumor that two servants of the Inn of the Thrice Humped Camel were kidnapped during the night of the 14th. Zipilan's mother is in the employ of the Inn.
  3. While gathering in the Inn the evening of the 15th, the group observed an attack carried out against a merchant by a pair of assassins. The attackers entered via a window and used magical means to subdue and isolate their victim, then stabbed him with a poisoned dagger. The group notes the emblem of House Lomoria on one of the merchants. The Milita investigates, and the group is excluded from further investigation.

The group departs around 7 PM with little fanfare. Shortly after 10 PM then encounter a Militia patrol headed south. The patrol indicates they were attacked by sand diggers 2 days previous, and there are two dead Militia in the party. Both groups continue their course and the party breaks around 2 AM.

Sholis 16 - On the road

The party sets out again around 4 AM and continues until about 8 AM. The Sobar in the group determine it is going to be an extremely hot day and begin to look for camp sites. They encounter an elder Lagona tribesman along the road with a beggar's bowl, and stop to pay their respects. The group offers the man food and water, which he accepts. During conversation the man mentions a member of his tribe disappeared a month or so ago.

The party rests through the day and sets out again at 8 PM. Travel is uneventful.

Sholis 17 - On the road

A tremendous windstorm arises in the morning, and the party battens down the hatches. During the sandstorm a pair of sand diggers attacks one of the tents. The creatures were dispatched without loss, though several camels panicked and left camp. After the storm passed Thyme cast fly on Zipilan, who returned with two of the three missing beasts (the third later returned on its own).

The party heads out at 8 PM.

Sholis 18 - On the road

The party camps in the morning, and several group members devote some effort to repairing the damaged tent with good results. During the mid morning hours a caravan passes southward, and the party talks with several of the group. They mention having past Post 19 a while back and seeing the ruins from the road. One of the guards provides a rough map. Further one of the guards has a strange stone artifact, a roughly circular ceramic stone with a metal shaft throught the center bearing the eye-symbol of the Night King. Benik claims the artifact is evil.

Depart camp 8 PM.

Sholis 19 - On the road

Camp 8 AM. Continue work on tent. The group estimates it has travelled about 70 miles.

Depart camp 8 PM.

Sholis 20 - On the road

Camp 8 AM.

Breaking camp in the evening the party discovers something has been pilfering supplies and packs. A group of 20 small humanoids are seen fleeing the camp site. The party pursues and Benik quickly falls into a net trap. Lendo grabs one of the creatures which promptly slashes him across the face with a dagger. The party elects not to follow and packs up and moves on.

Sholis 21 - On the road

About 2 AM while resting, Zipilan's sword starts groaning and flickering with light. Shortly thereafter the party is attacked by a group of skeletons. They are all dispatched, including the desert wight, which caused Fasheen, Zipilan, Father Boridan, and Paladish to flee in fear. Several of the skeletons had a red, chevron like symbol carved in their foreheads.

Camp 8 AM. The party estimates they have made about 105 miles thus far.

During the camp preparations, Father Boridian discovers a sticklewort, a plant with healing properties.

The evening of the 21st while breaking camp we notes several sea birds circling in the distance. Nasir sends his hawk to fly and investigate. It discovers a dead giant insect (nearly 12 feet long). The party elects to ignore it and move on. Several party members wonder what killed it.

Depart camp 8 PM.

Late in the night, the party crosses paths with a group of 10 thin humanoids, two watching the party, the rest escorting away 2 humans.

Fasheen and Zipilan launch arrows at the two watchers and the party prepares to pursue. The creatures watching respond with a massive fireball that wounds several party members and kills five camels. Tyme casts fly upon himself, and along with the surviving members of the party inflict severe damage upon the fleeing creatures (later discovered to be Sandlings). A few of the creatures escape, but the prisoners are freed. They turn out to be the kidnapped servants from the Inn of the Thrice Humped Camel.

The group breaks for the night and questions the released prisoners (Hiltza and Lambert). They were kidnapped during the night and delivered to the Sandlings blindfolded. No other real information.

Sholis 22 - On the road

The party heads out in the early AM to make up some ground. They make camp around 8 AM. They estimate they've made 120 miles thus far.

The party breaks camp at 6 PM. About 7 PM they spot a group of orcs in the distance. Each group choses to avoid the other.

Make camp 9 PM

Sholis 23 - On the road

Estimate 140 miles out. Nothing to report.

Sholis 24 - On the road

The party reaches Outpost 19 late in the morning. After a brief check of the immediate surroundings the party secures the outpost and performs some minor repair on the structure. It is decided the two kidnapped folk will be left here to tend the camels.

Sholis 25 - Outpost 19

The main group departs the Outpost for the tower about 2 AM, following the map mentioned eariler. Along the way they encounter a pair of gigantic spiders (which are easily dispatched). The party reaches the coast and the tower at dawn.

A preliminary survey shows there are several levels of the tower above ground, and that part of the tower structure is missing and fallen into the ocean below. They discover a giant eagle protecting the tower top. Nasir charms the creature and befriends it. Eventually the creature grants the group permission to pass the top of the tower. It mentions 'thin man' that stole it's eggs.

Meanwhile Thyme flies down and explores the remnants of the tower in the waters below. He's almost eaten by a tentacled monstrosity that has taken up residence in the tower remains.

The party decends into the above ground section of the tower and quickly discovers the remnants of tables, chairs, and other living accessories. They also discover some small, slender footprints leading further down. They also discover the hilts of a sword bearing the seal of the Night King.

While exploring, a sphere of darkness falls on part of the party and a pair of daggers strike Father Bo from the shadows, and he sees a thin humanoid (later revealed to be a Sandling) jump down to the level below. Lendo and Palidish head down the stairs, while Thyme grabs Benik and flies him down to the next level. In short order the group is involved with a pair of Sandlings. A brief but violent struggle ensues, ending with the Sandlings being slain. Nasir has to use magical means to remove poison from a serious arm wound he received.

The party explores further and discovers some rune sticks, obsidian daggers, and crude sleeping pallets. They also discover a small chest of 80 coins minted during Zulos' reign. The Sandling corpses are given to the sea.

The party descends another set of stairs (now apparently at/below ground level). They discover a large boom and well (with rungs on the wall) in what appears to have been the cellar of the structure. The well deadends at a rockfall. Eventually Lendo discovers a secret door, which can be opened with the help of the boom.

Beyond the door lies a corridor and room with three barred doors leading off. There are scuff marks leading to the middle door, which in turn leads to a pair of secret doors beyond. The party performs a brief recon, then elects to back up and rest for the day.

Sholis 26 - Tower Ruins

The party continues their exploration of the area beyond the initial secret door. They uncover a room that looks as if it may have once been used for magical research. When searched, Lendo discovers a tome hidden in a secret panel in one of the tables.

Beyond the lab the party uncovers a large octagonal room. The floor of this space is covered with mystical writings in what Thyme claims is ancient Elven. There is magical power here, but no evil detected. The party is baffled and leaves the room for later debate.

On the way out, the party discovers another secret door that leads to a deep chasm. Nasir smells death and dung below, and all can feel faint moisture in the air.

The party backtracks to the initial room beyond the cellar. After a quick visual inspection (from the doorway) of the corridor to the south), the group explored the north door, where they discover a chamber that was obviously a prison of some sort, complete with torture chamber. There is a skeleton in the iron maiden, and it wears a magical pendant, which Thyme takes. Father Bo says the pendant has something to do with retaining life or spirit.

The party explores the remainder of the cells and discovers a silver and onyx dagger - ancient. Thyme takes it.

Nearing the end of the exploration, Zipilan's sword begins flaring and groaning, and a horrible stench surrounds the party. A skeletal creature emerges from the torture chamber and heads straight for Thyme. Most of the party is dropped by the horrible stench, and Thyme drops the pendant, which the creature claims. Once it holds the pendant it falls to the ground inert.

Thyme takes the pendant again, and the party smashes the skeleton to bits. After a bit of rest the party notices the skeletal bones are pulling themselves back together. Thyme replaces the pendant on the remains and they go still.

Beyond the third door, the party finds a long corridor with a crank at either end. The crank cannot be turned, but when heading down the corridor, Benik activates a trap which drops most of the floor into a deep pit. Using the crank (and massive effort) the floor can be raised.

The party passes through a secret door into a kitchen which proves to contain only ancient crumbs. The party hears noises beyond the far door, and when they open it, all light sources are extinguished, including a light spell cast by Thyme. The party retreats.

Also Lendo, Nasir and Thyme have discovered the key to the tome found previously, revealing it to be a tome of spells.

The party rests back in the crank room.

Sholis 27 - Tower Ruins

The party goes back to the kitchen room and proceeds beyond., They find a small office and sleeping chambers, but no obvious exits (or life signs). Puzzled they head back to the large chasm found earlier.

Zipilan flies down to the bottom and discovers the stench is stronger, and a corpse. He recovers a few minor items from the corpse, but nothing of real value.

Below the chasm there is a chamber, and the party sets up a rope relay to descend. The party advances into the chamber, with several members invisible. A creature springs forth and attacks, only to be dropped by Fasheen's electrical arrows. Several spells go off, and another of the massive humanoids advances on Lendo and rips open his neck and shoulder. Ewww. Lendo drops like a stone. Dead.

Darkness kills the light, and the 'dead' creature (now recognized as a troll) leaps up and attacks Fasheen and Zipilan. A fierce battle ensues, with the trolls grabbing and dragging various party members into the darkness. Nasir, Palidish and Benik lead the attack and eventually all three trolls (including one that was weilding spells) are destroyed and the corpses burned.

The party rests and searches the area, discovering a small cache of coins and gems.

Around 6 AM the party advances beyond the troll den, and discover a large rectangular room with mining tools scattered about. On the other side of the room a pair of heavy metal grates block further progress. The party elects to set ambush and waits for several hours. Finally a pair of Letoc orcs show up, open the gates and come through (locking them behind them). They are set upon and captured in what would prove to be a fruitless effort to get information.

The party gains a set of keys, and Zippy advances to explore beyond the gates. He discovers a series of murder holes and wisely retreats.

Eventually a group of orcs come down and call for their friends. Father Bo attempts to talk to them, while Zippy attempts to open the gate invisibly. He's detected by smell, and retreats just before the murder holes pour oil down and ignite.

Nasir casts fire walk on Benik, Bo, and Palidish, who charge through the flames and open the door then advance into an armed contingient of orcs. The ground forces are well armed and armored, and the trio is hard pressed to defend themselves, especially when Palidish is held by magical means.

Nasir then casts fire walk on Fasheen, Thyme, and Zippy who advance and suppor the others, who are now being pelted with arrows from a previously unnoticed balcony above. Zippy finds a passage to the balcony and attacks the missile troops, who panic. Meanwhile the orcish mage is hit by magic missiles and retreats, closing and locking the gate behind him. The remaining orcs are slain, then the party dumps the remaining oil and torches everything to cover their retreat back to the troll den.

After a rest period, a group of zombie orcs and live missile troops attack the party. It is a mixed battle, with most of the foes slain, but Palidish suffers a broken arm which hampers him significantly.

The party backs up and rest once more.

Sholis 28 - Tower Ruins

The party heads down once more to engage the orcs. As they attempt to open the first gate, the set off an explosive trap, which damages Fasheen, Benick and Palidish. Thyme uses unseen servant to open the remaining gate.

The party advances and moves right, then very shortly encounters a Sandling settlement, complete with palisaded prison camp. As the party begins to explore a darkness spell strikes them, followed shortly by a swarm of daggers, spears and Sandlings. Fierce combat ensues, and several party members are seriously wounded, particularly when a sphere of fire begins to roll through the ranks. From the palisade the party heard cries for help. Zippy and Nasir open the gate while the rest of the party fights off the Sandlings. The six prisoners flee, followed shortly thereafter by the party, who fall back to the top of the crevice.

After waiting for nightfall, the party makes its way back to Outpost 19.

Sholis 29 - Tower Ruins

The party spends the day resting and reorganizing. The friendly eagle drops off a huge fish, which helps solve some of the food problems. The party decides to take one more shot at the tower. Down and through the first set of gates.

Sholis 30 - Tower Ruins

The party finds a fortified wall beyond in a huge cavern. Fasheen scouts and discovers a large number of missile armed orcs on the wall. The orcs smell Fasheen and raise the alarm. Reenforcements are seen in the distance.

General melee ensues, and the party is freaked out by a blurred orcish mage who walks through the main gate bars. No one can attack him effectively. Meanwhile Fasheen is pelted with many arrows, and Nasir and Father Bo advance to provide support and healing.

Thyme hits the tower with lightning bolts, and several orcs fall, but the party is still taking punishing fire. They retreat back to the troll den for recovery.

Sholis 31 - Tower Ruins

Back in. The unseen servants fall to traps on two gates, then the party advances down the main corridor. They set off some sort of alarm spell. They advance quickly, right into the path of a fireball! Many are fried. The far gate opens and a troop of skirmisher like orcs comes through. Thyme waits until they're in the main corridor, then launches a lightning bolt. The orcs die, but more come on. these are heavily armed. Thyme beats a hasty retreat followed by several orcs.

The group picks off the orcs as Thyme flees, and Palidish follows to help him. Meanwhile back at the main corridor a horde of orcs is streaming forth. Father Bo and Nasir heal like mad while Benik and Fasheen attempt to hold the corridor. Alas their are too many orcs, and the party retreats, just as Palidish is hit by a stream of magical missiles. Nasir remembers the mission was to evaluate military threats, not take them on.

The party backtracks out of the tower, pausing only to grab the pendant from the bone pile and spike the large door shut.

The party camps in the second level of the tower.

Thyme gets the bug to kill the crevice creature down in the tower ruins in the ocean. He convinces Benik, Father Bo and Nasir to help. The four fly down to lure the thing out. They can't seem to coax it out, so Thyme casts mirror image and goes in after it. That works. He is quickly enveloped in tentacles. Thyme is being pulled in and the missile fire from above is mostly ineffective. Desperate, Thyme yells for everyone to get out of the water, then lightning bolts the creature. That did it. By some freak luck, Thyme actually survives his own lightning bolt.

The group searches the ruins below, finding a bone wand, then reforms above. They set off for Outpost 19 in late afternoon.

Sholis 32 - Outpost 19

The party departs for Ume. Uneventful.

Sholis 33 - On the road

Travel during the night. During the rest period, the party hears high pitch screams. They happen upon the ghostly image of a baby being tossed into a fire, which then vanishes. The party is baffled and returns to uneasy sleep. Shortly thereafter the scene repeats itself. The group searches the area and discovers the remains of a child, which Father Bo consecrates and burns. The party is troubled no more.

Sholis 34 - On the road

The party is passed by a hard riding group of 15 men. Each group choses to avoid the other.

Later, the party is attacked by a group of giant wasps, which Nasir repells with magic.

Sholis 35 - On the road

The party is attacked by ghouls and despite several members being paralized, are victorious.

Sholis 36 - On the road

Another group of undead attack and are turned by Benik.

Sholis 37 - 39

Uneventful travel

Sholis 40 - Ume

The party arrives back at Ume and reports in. All events are discussed and valuables and items turned over to authorities. The party is paid and released from their commissions. A job well done.