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Dreams and Visions - A summary

Just to keep these organized:

Rolanesh 6, 1347 YOE

Tara D'Fey performed what she called a reading of the bones. This was the result:

I see what the bones speak.
A long road ahead, through lands where the road burns and the sky is white.
Three stones mark the gate. The way is closed, but the key is at hand.
That which is taken, frees. That which remains, is held.
Death walks in the shadow of noon. Seek the wisdom of fire and strife.
Slay the heart to free the hand. One will fall and rise anew.
The bones have spoken, heed what they say.

Quaso 28, 1347 YOE

The entire party has a collective dream of an attack on Ume followed by a huge unnatural sandstorm.

Quaso 30, 1347 YOE

Nyota's dream:

A great red sun sinks slowly over a sea of broken stone.
In the distance three peaks rise above the broken hills.
A glimmer of white shines forth, spearing you in its light.
Brighter, brighter, blinding now. You jerk away and cover your eyes...

Quaso 33, 1347 YOE

You find yourself wandering down a dark passage of dark, almost black stone. The dusty air seems to clog your throat as you creep forward towards the dim, flickering light ahead.

As you creep around the bend you see a tiny flame flicking in the center of a small chamber. On the far side a shadow lurks in the darkness. Slowly you move forward, studying the shape on the far side of the fire. Finally you make out a face, a face with empty sockets where there should be eyes, a rotted stump of a nose, and cruel scars on either cheek. It speaks:

I have seen the world laid to waste.
I have seen the horrors to come.
Is it a sin to wish for death?

Quaso 38, 1347 YOE

Nasir walks along the dark floor of a canyon where the wind wails. The sky overhead glitters with cold stars. A shadow crosses the bright face of the moon and you shiver as something colder than the night breeze touches your soul. Ahead the canyon widens into a circular valley. At the center of the vale a small fire burns, a seated figure on the far side. As you approach the flame, the figure becomes clear, an ancient crone with blind, milk-white eyes. She rises as you draw close to the fire, and speaks.

The cast out know the way.
That which has fallen shall rise again.
The long way leads through darkness.
Shadows within the night.
The black gate must open once more.
Form without shape.
The hand of light holds the key.
Only the lost can find the way.

The crone raises her staff, and strikes the fire with the butt end. The flames flare up, and you awaken, drenched in sweat.

Nyota dreams...

A pathless jungle of flaming trees surrounds you, though all is dark. Overhead the sky blazes with white light as you run through the trackless void. Ahead the jungle ends, and you run forward with renewed speed off the edge of a cliff. Falling now, you see a desolate waste of red and burning sand below. To the east the sun is eclipsed by a black moon and the sea turns to blood. A great cloud forms over the walls of a city there. To the north three mighty peaks rise like a great wall while a shadow moves in the east. Walking on the burning sands with your companions, you come to a massive black door leading beneath a hillock of burned and blackened stone. Near at hand a familiar voice cries out in words you do not understand, and the door swings wide. White light blazes behind you, and you awaken.

Thyme dreams...

A vast chasm yawns wide at your feet. Tendrils of black smoke rise from its depths. A narrow and crooked stair zig-zags into darkness. You descend the stair, white light burning behind you. A broad passage leads into utter blackness. You step into darkness and fall...

The words of Nudik

Though you seek today, you shall not find. Of future deeds will I apprise. Mios rises, and he who was stirs in the desolate lands. War comes with night dark hand, though by the light will it begin. Your path leads to burning horizon and beyond, where once the shard was found. Seek first the key, second the light, third the tome, and fourth the night. When three touch the skies will the evil wake. Fate depends on the choice you make.