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Captain Evan RobertsUSS ThunderfishShip's captain
A bit of a hard case, but highly skilled
Lt. Commander Steven PerkinsUSS ThunderfishFirst officer
Diplomatic and suave
Chief William "Billy" BanesUSS ThunderfishCommand Master Chief Petty Officer
Gritty old school NCO.
Petty Officer Arnold ZaneUSS ThunderfishShip's liason with Epic
Polite and helpful, but overworked
Ty FletcherFlight TestPilot
Flamboyant and over the top
Ruben EisensteinFlight TestChief scientist
Wild-haired, wire rimmed glasses, science bore
Robert BryceFlight TestSecurity advisor
Cold fish military. Wife Jean
Hank WilliamsonFlight TestEngineer
Solemn engineer
Franklin TakaiFlight TestScientist
Polite and softspoken Japanese. Wife June
Dave BordenFlight TestBoeing VP marketing
Loud marketing guy. Wife Sue
May RobinsonFlight TestDave Borden's assistant
Nice legs!
Wendle HavershamFlight TestBoeing VP engineering
Serious with a Boston accent. Wife Sarah
Terri GordonFlight TestWendle Haversham's assistant
Quiet and cute
Commander Hugh FoggFlight TestBritish Navy observer
Formal manner, lots of decorations on that uniform
Major Pete EvansEpic MiningLeader
WWI veteran, a bit reluctant to be along. Wife Anne
Private Tom SmithEpic MiningGrunt
Red shirt
Private Dick JohnsonEpic MiningGrunt
Red shirt
Private Harry MartinEpic MiningGrunt
Red shirt
Corporal Lance BensenEpic MiningCartographer
Black with a Georgia accent
Olga SwensonEpic MiningChief Geologist
Attractive blond, focused on her job
Dave AndersonEpic MiningGeologist
Nervous type
Shift LemonsEpic MiningExpediter
Friendly and knows everyone. Girlfriend (?) Ellen
Joe MooreEpic MiningGuide / Dog handler
Blue collar guy, short, thin and wears a bright red coat. Fiance Jenni
Rob DavisEpic MiningGuide / Dog handler
Blue collar guy, medium height and chubby. Brother to Matt
William BennettBennett ExpeditionLeader
Solid and blond. Serious.
Tom RiversBennett ExpeditionCo-Leader
Tall and capable. Dark hair and hard eyes.
Elena RiversBennett ExpeditionTom Rivers' wife
Blond and quiet. Attractive.
Dave HillBennett ExpeditionAssociate of Bennett's
Business type. A bit snooty.
Nancy HillBennett ExpeditionDave Hill's wife
Down to earth, seems like she'd rather not be going
Sam ClarkeBennett ExpeditionBase support / cook
Tall, scrawny and loud
Harry WilliamsBennett ExpeditionGuide / dog handler
Soft spoken black with graying hair
Mitch LeeBennett ExpeditionBase support
Slim and serious. Chinese with green eyes (half breed?)
Matt DavisBennett ExpeditionGuide
Blue collar guy, medium height and chubby. Brother to Rob

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