Signs and Portents

Session: 2/15/98


Kathy - Vochma

Micah - Cardhu

Mark - Corlis

Ben - Gerald

Liz - Quera

Joe - Moth

Author's note: Much time has passed once again. Details are fuzzy…

The Crowning of Moth - An Elven Party - Witches!

Fireday, Movement Week, Fire Season

It was time for Moth to leave. As he and the party rode out of Kernan, a pair of elves greeted the party. They indicated they were there to escort Moth back to the village, where he was to be made leader of the village - apparently the medallion he recovered has great meaning to the elves. The leader of the elven group was a female named Frella.

The party decided to accompany Moth to the village and spend the night. When they arrived, there were preparations for a great feast underway. Moth was crowned with great ceremony, and much revelry ensued. Just as the festivities reached their height, Misha grew uncomfortable and perturbed. He indicated there was something wrong nearby. As the party moved to investigate, a strange woman entered the hall. She approached the throne and said "Enjoy your feast while you may!" Then she ran out before she could be stopped.

Later, when Moth was a bit in his cups, one of the elven women offered to perform the dagger dance for the new ruler. He agreed, and she began to dance an intricate dance while wielding a pair of daggers. As the party watched, several noticed the daggers were poisoned. As the dance ended, the girl threw them at Moth (missing luckily), then fled. We attempted to pursue, but she escaped.

In the distance -- drums. Several of our members went off to investigate these sounds including Cardhu and Querya. They observed a group of goblins dancing around a pole slowly strangling themselves with the leather straps tied around their necks. Around the outside of the group dancing around this pole of death was a group of goblins dancing, chanting, and drumming. Cardhu noticed that there was no evidence of animal life in the area of the pole either. The comforting chirp of cricket and songs of birds were absent. As the dancing became more frenzied and the goblins strangled themselves, a light appeared at the top of the pole, which appeared to suck the color from the surrounding territory. The last goblin stopped their spasmotic death throes and the light took the form of VINE! Fortunately, Cardhu understood Black Speech. The remaining goblins fell silent as Vine instructed the goblins tocapture the party *alive* and "bring his son back to the fold." Querya and Cardhu sped back to tell the rest of the party.

By now the party was disturbed by all these strange assaults, and elected to retire. Moth was well into his cups, and we left him in the care of a pair of elves. Later, we discovered he had been poisoned by something.

(There's a huge chunk of stuff missing here, including a number of most likely vital clues concerning witches and Vine. The end result was we were led to believe Vine and his minions were behind most of the events that transpired).

Wildday, Movement Week, Fire Season

Given the need to go confront Vine's coven, the party split itself the next morning. Corlis and Quera rode for town to pick up Gerald, the Duke's son and Sabrina, a healer, the latest additions to the party. When we returned, we headed towards the Needles to see if we could find this witches coven and deal with them once and for all.

Along the way we encounter a pair of small children, who transform themselves into a witch and a goblin-like creature which later transformed into a large devilish creature. We quickly slew the creature and the witch (or did we?) with a pair of lightning bolts. We briefly examined the remains, the continued onward.

Later, we encountered a pair of large birds accompanied by a pair of witches. A tremendous fight ensues, which went poorly for the party. The witches threw many spells that trapped most of the party. Eventually however we were able to drive them off (though we did not slay them).

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