Signs and Portents

Session: 2/15/98


Kathy - Vochma

Micah - Cardhu

Mark - Corlis

Ben - Drew

Liz - Quera

Joe - Moth

Josh - Thunder

Author's note: This log was written long after the actual session, so details are slim.

Many Things

Fireday, Stasis Week, Fire Season

The party was at the temple, trying to decide what to do next. So little time, so much to do. As we waited, Slarth and Corlis spent some time engaging in a religious ritual of the Storm Bull, after which Corlis gained knowledge of berserkergang. Maybe good, maybe bad. Only time will tell.

Later in the day, a follower of Gar, Dolarath, came out of the temple and tried to negotiate an exchange for Moth's half of the amulet. We don't really want to give the thing the amulet, as we're not sure exactly what it does. Moth grows angry during the discussion and fires an arrow at the foul beast, causing it to explode in a blast of deadly gasses.

Somewhere in here someone mentions Perchengo the Mutator.

Later that night, an old woman, Pricilla by name, enters our camp and speaks with us. She is accompanied by her "pets" spidery, tentacled, creatures. She claims to be a magician of life mage, worshipping the tree of life. She also mentions loaning one of her "pets" to Lady Sernilia - Guess we now know what Walwyn is. She leaves us late at night, but not before giving Moth and Drew (?) some healing herbs. Slarth is most upset by this turn of events, claiming the woman is a creature of chaos. He nearly goes berserk when Moth & Drew use the herbs. We settled down for an uneasy night's rest. Somewhere Moth's amulet is named the Amulet of Ebongotzi, and we learn it was used by the elves to drive chaos from the forest.

Shortly after the first watch, there is a disturbance near the temple well. We hear strange monkey-like hooting sounds. 8 large mink like creatures streak forth and attack the party. They are quite vicious, and Corlis decides it's a good time to go berserk. Several people are knocked unconscious, including Moth. The sleeks nearest him drag away his half of the amulet to Gar, who is now visible nearby. He rejoins the halves and rides a shaft of light into the sky! Moth is, to say the least, unhappy. We finish off the last of the sleeks, and heal people as best we can.

Wildday, Stasis Week, Fire Season

The party awakened this morning to find both Drew and Moth strangely changed by the herbs given to them by Pricilla. Drew has grown wings, and Moth has taken on the appearance of a spider thing. We debate and ponder and hold back Slarth, but decide there's not much we can do about it. We head into the temple. There are many strange creatures wandering the halls, but Moth's spidery appearance puts them off. We discover a lunar elemental guarding the main altar and decide to avoid it for now.

As we explore we discover a hidden scroll that details the fall of the temple and includes a description of the ritual needed to reconsecrate it. We pass through the remains of an armory, where Corlis finds some armor worn by the paladins of Lopnel. He takes a set that fits him well and returns Drew's armor (loaned long ago). He also finds a potent sword, which only he can touch. He takes it, just in case. Another room, a healer's hospice, and many potions of healing are found.

Another corridor, and there, ahead of us - a demon! We attack it, an action that nearly brings about our downfall, for the creature is mightier than we imagined and summoned up assistance from beyond. All would have been lost if not for Slarth. Through some divine magic he transported the entire party out of the temple ruins and into the woods. Once we made sure everyone was safe, we noticed that Slarth was dropping all his belongings. When questioned, he said he was tainted (apparently using divine magic to rescue two chaos tainted beings - Moth and Drew - was against his principles). He started off alone and barehanded to make a pilgrimage to the Spike and atone. Corlis would not let him leave unarmed. He gave him his family sword, Ichon, vowing to keep Slarth's holy blade safe until he returned.

The party, saddened by the loss of Slarth, discussed the demon and how best to face it. Misha claimed he could cast a protective spell around the party that would prevent it's worst magic from affecting us. We restored ourselves, using most of the healing potions we discovered in the hospice, then headed back into the temple to meet our fate.

A great battle. Nothing more need be said. We were victorious.

Down, down the stairs into the darkness. Hopefully the way lead to the moon pool, ahead we could see a glimmering light. And shadowy shapes! Ahhhgggg! Spectres! Three of the undead attacked, sneering at Drew's attempt to turn them. Corlis again went berserk and closed with the creatures while the rest of the party twiddled indecisively. Finally, as Corlis was at death's door, Thunder attacked and drew the rest of the party into the fight. They spectres fell under the combined assault, but not before the party was seriously drained by their chilling touch.

Ahead we could see the light of the moon pool. We advanced. A circular room, and near the pool, a figure. Cardhu and Quera recognized it - the Trickster himself! We spoke with him as we attempted to convince various members of the party to drop the Eye into the pool (that was our goal after all). After much confusion and debate, we finally, finally! Manage to drop the eye into the pool! A flash of light and it is gone. Back to the place it came from. The party was much relieved.

The Trickster then offered us a challenge. If we could solve his riddle, he could grant us a boon. We accepted, and after much head scratching in the strange room we found ourselves in, we managed to solve the riddle by destroying a figurine.

The Trickster returned and restored our party to full health and life, and gave us 7 figurines:

Felix sheep

Winsom dog

Minxy fox

Lovely hog

Raven fast

Sleepy horse

Cunning wolf

We distributed them among the party members and departed. On the way back to town, we encountered Gar, much abused by Pricilla, who challenged Moth to single combat. Moth accepts and manages to defeat Gar, recovering the amulet in the process.

We return to town and discover that Walwyn thing has taken over the Duke's position. The guards are in the dungeon, and Kainus is Walwyn's right hand man. We straighten things out with our usual forceful methodology, though Kainus manages to escape.

Godday, Stasis Week, Fire Season

We arise the next morning and discover that Kainus has slain Shmeple, leaving him stuck to the door of Cardhu's. Lady Sernilia restores him, which we're not sure is a good thing.

Part of the party remains in town while the rest of us head southward to find the Duke and Herernavi (who went to find him). Southward for most of a day and we find Herernavi, who tells us the Duke is being held by a strange phantom creature behind a living skeletal wall. We elect to rest for the night before we tackle this new challenge.

Waterday, Movement Week, Fire Season

We go in and face the things, eventually destroying them. Unfortunately among those contributing bones to the wall was Magnild, Knight Marshall. We set off back to town. Along the way Moth reveals his treason to the Duke. Moth is arrested and the Duke sets Fireday as a trial date. We return to town amid a mixture of happiness and sadness. Many deaths, but hopefully life can return to normal soon.

Fireday, Movement Week, Fire Season

At Moth's trial, many words are spoken in praise of Moth. The Duke considers long his fate, then sentences him to banishment for one year. It could be worse, he could be dead. He also orders Drew to take on the duties of the now dead Walwyn. After the trial we discuss matters with the Duke and he tells us he will be assigning us two new members. A healer, Sabrina, and his son, Jerald. The party retires to accompany Moth out of town, and says their good byes for now. Moth is planning on living in the elven village in Gebnick until the year passes.

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