Signs and Portents

Session: 12/3/97


Kathy - Vochma

Micah - Cardhu

Mark - Corlis

Ben - Drew

Liz - Quera

Joe - Moth

[note: This write up is sadly lacking in detail. With the holidays and such, I just didn't get to it until recently. Too much time has passed!]

The Broo - Blood Plague - Slarth - The Overmen cured

Freezeday, Death Week, Fire Season

As we left our meeting with the Duke, a commotion across town drew us towards it. On the edge of town we discovered three people who had just returned from Balcon, all infected with the BLOOD PLAGUE! The healers were there, but powerless to heal them, so by the law of the land, the three infected people were put to death and the corpses burned.

After the grisly deed was done, Drew cast a spell which allowed him to speak with the spirits of the departed people. They revealed that they had been attacked by strange creatures who used poison blades. They also told us the general area the attack took place. We decided to investigate the area and see what we turn up.

Later that day we arrived at the farm of Charles and Ruth, local farmers. As we arrived, they were in the process of killing a gremlin like thing as another escaped into the woods. Charles claimed the things came from a cow, and showed us the gory corpse. We quickly set off in pursuit of the remaining gremlin thing. On the way out of the pasture, Misha let it be known that he thought there was something wrong with Charles.

After trailing the creature for a few hours, we caught up with it, along with a number of its friends - larger, nastier looking versions of itself, each with unique features. They were gathered around the corpse of a deer, eating it. They also had a prisoner (who's foot they were in the process of filleting). Acting quickly, we dispersed ourselves around their campsite and attacked, destroying all the foul things with surprising ease. After some initial suspicious dialog, we released and healed the prisoner, who identified himself as Slarth of the Llama tribe, late of Prax. He was a hunter in pursuit of the creatures we had just killed, which he called Broo, creatures of Chaos. Since his trail lead towards town anyhow, we offered to take Slarth back to Kernan by way of Charles and Ruth's farm.

When we reached the farm, Slarth identified Charles as a Chaos creature, attacked him and killed him. Luckily as it turns out, for one of the foul Broo was growing in his guts. Since Ruth was mentally unbalanced by the event, we took her back to town in hopes that the healers would be able to help her. Before we left the farm, we checked the animals there, destroying those that Slarth and Misha identified as Chaos tainted.

When we returned to town, we left Ruth in the care of the healers and informed the Duke of our latest discoveries. Returning from the Dukes, we noticed that Evertol, the stabler, was abusing the mindless Overmen, and had tied up and knocked out the tanner. We applied some abuse of our own to Evertol and released the tanner. Slarth noticed the Overmen's state, and mentioned that he could probably heal them with proper preparation. We convinced him to help them. In return we agreed to help him hunt down the remaining Broo and slay them.

Later that night we discovered that Evertol had burned the stables to the ground, and fled town. I guess perhaps we were a bit harsh on him.

Waterday - Windsday, Death Week, Fire Season

We spent most of this time in town, waiting for Slarth to prepare the spells he needed to heal the Overmen. We took a brief trip to another area farm Jethro's, and after harsh words with the farmer, we check the place out. All seems OK, so we leave in peace.

Later in the week, the Duke approached us and asked us to take along someone to represent him if we were going to be dealing with local folk. It seemed that recent events have painted us in a less than good light with the local populace. We of course agreed.

During this time, the Duke's men have isolated and surrounded the remaining Broo in Balcon with the understanding that we would go out there with Slarth and kill them off in a few days.

Fireday - Godday, Death Week, Fire Season

Slarth cured the Overmen! Each of them was completely restored by his magic. Because we rescued them from the Morakanth and Slarth cured them, they felt indebted to us. We set them up with some cash and asked them to rebuild and reestablish the stables in town (partially to get them off our backs, partially to restore some of the damage we had inflicted). They agreed.

After a day's rest, we head to Balcon and along with the Duke's men and Slarth's spells, we manage to slay the remaining Broo.

[Here ends the last serious session of 1997]

Upon our return to town, we were approached by Lady Sernelia, who asked us to help restore someone named "Santa Claus" in a distant land.

[This was the Christmas event, wherein everyone turned into Toon characters]

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