Signs and Portents

Session: 10/1/97


Kathy - Vochma

Micah - Cardhu

Mark - Corlis

Ben - Drew

Liz - Quera

Joe - Moth

Into the Den - The Fall of Drew - Burning Vampires - OOPS, We Shouldn't Open That Door!

ClayDay, Illusion Week, Sea Season

It was time to enter the cave of the trolls, so we could be rid of the cursed Eye of Og once and for all. Before we entered, the group tried to convince Corlis to give up the Eye, to share the risk. He refused to give it up.

We entered the cavern, erasing several magical glyphs that were guarding the entrance. A quick search of the rooms previously explored revealed a few kobold slaves that were dispatched with ease. Then we came to the intersection, and immediately were confronted by 2 large ogre-like figures. Corlis attacked along with Drew, dispatching one with ease. Unfortunately, this allowed the other to flee.

We elected to watch this branch of the den, setting Corlis to watch, while the rest of the group checked out the other branch (the end of which was in sight). Moth, Quera and Cardhu began to open the doors at the other end, Drew and Vochma moved back to the intersection, ready to beat a hasty retreat.

Unfortunately, Drew chose to open a door while Moth, Quera and Cardhu were busy at the other end. He managed to find the kobold archers and be completely surprised at the same time. Drew was slain instantly by 3 volleys of arrows.

Meanwhile, the other group was busy killing another of the large ogre creatures. After they finished off their opponent, and Drew was slain, Corlis managed to heave an oil flask into the room of kobolds, then use that as a diversion to enter and kill them all.

We removed Drew's body to the entry room, hoping to eventually revive him (again). Then we returned to search the room the large beast was in. We uncovered a few interesting items in the room, including a document that indicated some thing was going on in Balcon in approximately three weeks. No clue exactly what it was. We then decided to continue our exploration. In the room that used to be the home of the worms, we discovered the remains of Juanq and Heui, the two Brothers of Balance. Apparently they were being transformed into some sort of evil creature.

Next the group discovered another group of three of the ogre-like creatures. We dispatched them, then opened the last remaining door on the west branch of the intersection. We discovered one of the vampire halflings inside, looting the storeroom. Cardhu and Moth elected to burn the room (which was used to store oil among other things).

We next headed down the other corridor. Unfortunately, the trolls elected to show up at this point. Vochma cast a web spell which filled the corridor ahead completely. This seemed to delay the trolls sufficiently for us to check the other corridor out. With Moth and Corlis in the lead, we encountered a number of kobolds, which tried their best, but were dispatched (no match for Corlis's and Moth's wall of steel).

Then things became ugly, as the trolls flamed the webs blocking their way and cut the group off from the exit. The trolls seemed to be protected by some sort of spell, so Corlis elected to use the Eye, ordering one of the trolls to attack the other. The third fled.

We continued our way down the current corridor, while the two trolls continued to fight in the corridor. Corlis approached the double doors that lead inward, and discovered a large pit trap, the hard way. After much work, the group managed to get him out, disarm the blade trap on the doors, and open it. OOPS. The room was occupied by a pair of serpent like creatures, along with a brazier that was flaming with serpent like tongues of fire. They said "The Eye, give us the Eye."

[It was here the group broke for the evening.]

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